Com/155 Final Assignment Essay

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Amber Cummings December 22, 2012 COM/155 Final Project – Week 9 There are only a few acceptable reasons why an individual would choose to rent a home as opposed to buying to buying a home, without considering the abundant amounts of advantages that come with buying a home. Many Americans find that renting a home is less of a hassle than buying one. Although it can be a difficult process, buying a home makes much more sense as opposed to renting a home. In this writing I will be arguing how buying a home makes more sense than renting; I will also give a detailed description of similarities between the two, the benefits of buying a home, the negatives of buying a home and the downfalls of renting. There are several similarities between both renting and buying a home. Renters and buyers usually go through the same search process and use the same determination to locate homes by related means, such as a specific agent, classified ads on the Internet or newspaper and hearsay. They use location as a primary search technique, for example: how close is the home to their job, their child’s school, and what other conveniences that the community has to offer. Homeowners and renters are both obligated to pay monthly payments to permissibly obtain their homes. Prospective home buyers have exceptional credit along with proof of income to enable them to acquire a home loan. Individual’s who are attempting to rent a home must also have proof of income and, in most cases, have their credit checked by the landlord or property management company. In the end, both a renter and buyer must sign some type of contract whether it is a lease agreement or a sales contract. They both contain payment arrangements, a list of items that are already in the home, the condition in which those items are in and the circumstances that would take place if the contract is broken. There are

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