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Informative Email Now I know how you see in this office building there are four floors. We only occupy one floor out of the four floors. The only time we go off of this floor is to go take our break in the break room all the way downstairs. Why not have our own break room on your own floor? If we can install you and your employees a break room on your floor you would have to worry about the awkward silence when your trying to enjoy your break with someone you might have never seen before sitting next to you trying to enjoy there free time. If the employees could have there own break room they can talk to the other business people that they are aquainted with. Aquiring a break room on your floor can make the work environment a lot better because everyone would feel comfortable around each other and enjoy work a lot more. I know you are thinking, “but what if people from other floors come into our break room,” and of course people would want to enjoy the new break room. This would not happen because for our employees and the break room on their floor would be restricted to only those who work on the floor. Positive Email I just wanted to let everyone know that today was an exciting day! Remember the rumor going around about a break room being installed on our floor? Well, the rumors were true and the owner of the office building signed for approval of the new break room on our floor! This is going to be great because now I can get to know everyone around the office and no more going onto that crowded elevator or going down flights of stairs to enjoy my free time. I would not have to waste a second of my break for the rest of my career here. I hope everyone in the company enjoys working here because now that we will have a better work environment I might not ever want to go home. These two emails differ because in the Informative email I was telling the other

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