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Small Team and Group Paper Small Team and Group Paper In today’s society, most tasks and assignment are completed in a team or group setting. A group is typically more than three people who work together to achieve one common goal successfully. The University of Phoenix requires all students to participate in learning teams during each course. I recently attended a course toward my degree called Foundations for University Success, where I participated in a learning team. While working in a learning team, every team member engages in the responsibility to complete assignments as a team. My learning team’s name was categorized as learning team B. The team included six team members with different cultures, time zones, and viewpoints. The purpose of our team was to communicate actively and discuss each task for the week and how to complete each task successfully. From week one, the learning team gradually showed positive progression through the final project during week five. In the beginning the group had to introduce one another, provide contact information, and describe goals in order to work better as a group. Time management was one problem the group encountered. Each assignment the group faced at the beginning of the course had great procrastination involved. Throughout the course, we discovered the creation of a schedule. By utilizing the schedule, the team was able to complete each assignment accurately before the deadline day. Once the assignments were complete, the team did not have to worry about the group assignments and could focus the on each individual projects. While working with learning team B, the team leader was not established until the third week. For many students, the class was their first course having to work in a learning team. Each week a leader helps to ensure each assignment is completed before the

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