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Columbus, Smith, Bradford, And Winthrop Essay

  • Submitted by: katheirneyung
  • on May 29, 2011
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Katherine Yung
Mr. Mosiondz
English 10 Adv.
20 October   2010
Essay   4
Columbus, Smith, Bradford, and Winthrop
Columbus, Smith, Bradford, and Winthrop all held important roles in history, but they are not always remembered as the people they really were. Many of the facts were changed or twisted to make these figures in history seem more or less important than they might have been.

Christopher Columbus is a prime example of a person in history who was given a false identity. Until now all I was told about Christopher Columbus was that he led three ships, the Santa Maria, Niña, and Pinta, across the ocean to discover America, but he died thinking that he had reached Asia; a man by the name of Amerigo Vespucci reached America before Columbus and our great country was named after that man. Along the way Columbus had stopped at many small countries in a search for riches. In the process, he had overtaken these small colonies and villages and enslaved some of their people, unless he thought that they would be able to conform to his religion and be a successful member of society. Columbus should not be remembered to be the man that discovered America, but a man that made many voyages across the oceans in the search for many riches. He and his crew made many people suffer and some were even killed and therefore he shouldn’t be remembered as great historical figure, and he definitely shouldn’t receive a holiday in his honor.

John Smith, on the other hand, was a great American leader when he reached America 1607. While in America, he helped establish the first successful colony named Jamestown. Captain Smith was put in charge of all Indian relations, and used his knowledge to help Jamestown build a relationship with the people in the surrounding areas. While being attacked by a group of Indians, Smith was held captive and taken back to their leader Powhatan. After impressing the chief   with the glass pocket watch he had on his person, his life was almost taken,...

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