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What country did Columbus sail for? Columbus sailed for modern day Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and riches. What is the Spanish term for the pattern of conquest and settlement used in the New World? The Spanish term for the pattern of conquest and settlement used in the New World is Las Conquistas. Describe what usually happened during the "initial stage" of the Spanish conquest. What usually happened was Conquistadors from Spain would find new places and try to see if there was anything there they wanted, and then decide whether or not they would want it. What resource was the Spanish obsessed with discovering? Gold is what they were obsessed with discovering. What was an encomienda? An encomienda was a grant from the Spanish Crown to a colonist in America conferring the right to demand tribute and forced labor from the Indian inhabitants of an area. What Spanish term is the name given to leaders of Spanish conquests? Conquistadors. By the mid-sixteenth century, what areas of the globe did Spain control? Spain controlled much of the Caribbean, parts of America, and parts of Africa. Why did King John II of Portugal reject Columbus' request to fund his exploration? He rejected him because Portuguese exploration along the African coast showed that it would be a disappointment and there was no need to try again. Name the two monarchs who finally funded Columbus' explorations. Two Monarchs were Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. Where did Columbus land in October, 1492? Columbus landed in the Bahamas. What was the "fundamental difference" between Columbus' voyage in 1492 and other Portuguese explorers of that time? The difference was Columbus found a continent he didnt even know existed and Portuguese explorers knew the places existed. What did the Papal Bull of 1493 do for Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain? The Papal Bull made all of the land

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