Columbine Shootings

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What pushes a teenager to kill people? That has been the question for quite some time about the Columbine shooting that occurred on April 20th 1999 at Columbine Colorado. Two students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold came into the school that day and proceeded to kill 12 students as well as injuring 23 others with guns and pipe bombs. Later the two boys took their own lives. The big controversy over this situation is that nobody knows the motive behind this attack. Psychologists blame violent video games movies, music and the access of firearms as the cause of columbine. I believe that those things are not the case. I am a video gamer myself, I play video games for about 5 hours almost everyday day and have been ever since I was 6, all the games…show more content…
They also believe that if a person plays very violent video games that they will become desensitized about killing or breaking the law. I do not agree with this. The games that were made in 1999 were nothing compared to today’s games. The games in 1999 were 2D very poor quality games and looked nothing like real life. Doom was the game that the columbine kids played the most. Doom is game about a man that fights through hell killing demons minotaurs and many other monsters, something that cant really happen in real life, if you compare that to the games we have now like for instance Call of Duty 4 which is a game that is photo realistic all the way down to bullet impact, when you shoot somebody blood shoots from where you shot them if you injure them in the leg they fall on that leg and begin to crawl, a game that is very realistic. Now you also have to realize that call of duty is played by over 2 billion people nation wide. Now if video games desensitize and make you want to kill people why don’t we have more kids shooting up their school, why aren’t I shooting up my school? I mean I have all the stuff to do it I play violent video games, so according to the experts I’m a ticking time bomb waiting to kill my fellow class mates. Ill tell you why I don’t. VIDEO GAMES ARE NOT REAL. If a kid is showing signs of more aggressive behavior from playing games and is starting
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