Columbine Massacre Essay

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Columbine Massacre Criminology March 12, 2009 On April 20, 1999 in Littleton, Colorado two students Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris committed what is thought to be one of the worse school massacres to ever happen. To this day law enforcement officials as well as others continue looking for just cause as to why these boys would commit such acts, and in the end take their own lives. The massacre that was committed by Dylan and Eric was not only criminal, but deviant as well. Criminal acts are those violating the law, which Eric and Dylan did on numerous levels during this massacre. They had possession of illegal firearms which included a Intratec TEC-DC9, a Hi-Point 995 Carbine, Savage 67H pump action shotgun, and a Stevens 311D double barreled sawed off shotgun. They committed 13 murders, Injured 24 students and staff members, and set off homemade explosives. Upon the realization of what they had done they decided to commit suicide. This massacre however was not the first time Dylan and Eric had been in criminal trouble. They were arrested prior to this massacre for breaking into vehicles together. The two boys also had to attend anger management classes together as well. They were very good at appearing to have learned a lesson and to be sorry for what they had done, however they were not. Along with their criminal behavior came their deviant behavior, which is behavior outside of the social norms. There were many warning signs that things with Dylan and Eric were not what were considered “normal”. They started dressing in all dark clothing with black trench coats. They played internet killing games in which they made jokes and entries on their school, friends, and parents. Dylan and Eric learned how and made explosives at home which they commented on would come in handy. The boys started retaliating against students via the internet as well as

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