Columbine Massaccre Essay

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I Was One of the Lucky Ones Bowling for Columbine was created, written, produced, narrated and directed by Michael Moore in 2002.This documentary discovers what Michael Moore implies are the causes for the Columbine School bloodbath and other acts of violence with guns. Moore emphases in the background and environment in which the massacre took place and some common public opinions and assumptions about some connected concerns. Michaels Moore has used the columbine massacre to improve his own selfish financial gain. Filmmaker Michael Moore created a participatory documentary which was an inspiration (an interesting word choice – only because you then go on to discuss what negative footage is included. What is inspirational about this?) to many who were involved in the very emotional Columbine massacre as there was lots of raw footage, sad stories and multiple interviews one with Marilyn Manson from the columbine massacre. The purpose of this documentary was to prove the point that gun laws should be made stricter not to encourage people to go out and buy guns. Gothic singer, Marilyn Manson had a very intense interview with Michael Moore, as Moore (repetitive) got right to the point and got everything out of how Manson felt with the Columbine massacre. However, some viewers may have felt that Moore got too personal with the topic and the may have felt a little bit uncomfortable towards Manson’s comments. The camera angles Michael Moore used in Bowling for Columbine are very interesting. (What impact did it have on the audience? This should be your first sentence). As he did close ups in places that were not very appropriate. When the people are in the library under the table Moore did close ups right next to one boy’s face. Some people who watch this documentary may not be comfortable with a child’s face basically right next to the camera. (Could you

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