Columbine Essay On Bullying

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The book Columbine written by Dave Cullen is a factual story about the true events of a school shooting that resulted with 15 people dead, 12 students, 1 teacher and the two shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold which committed suicide. The book presents several views about how high school is portrayed, the main one being that people are defined through their status which causes bullying. Throughout the book there are significant moments representing that bullying is caused by people’s social status. The students at Columbine are associated with certain cliques, therefore being able to label a whole group the same thing like ‘jocks’ or ‘Goths’. There is evidence of this in the book where it shows how some groups feel superior “They’re freaks’,…show more content…
“They saw what happened at Columbine as a shooting and the killers as outcasts targeting jocks. They filtered every new development through that lens.” This supports the fact that even the media are ‘filtering through that lens’. In the book with Bree Pasquale’s account she stated “They were shooting anyone of colour, wearing a white hat, or playing a sport... and they didn’t care who it was and it was all at close range”. A few times within that statement, she described random killings which, she was contradicting between facts and conclusion, which is typical of a witness under extreme duress, therefore shouldn’t be accounted for. There is also a moment where the reporters say that “Chris looked the part”, as in looked the part to be a murderer. In the school Columbine there was a lot of bullying because of what you were or what group you were ‘sorted’ into. It’s unfair the fact that people have automatically been judged and bullied for that reason. I would have especially felt for the Goth like people at the time that would have gotten terrorised particularly in this time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a nerd, prom queen or athlete, we are all
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