Columbine Essay

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I was 12 years old when I first became aware of an incredible sense of superiority. It all started with a BOOM of a firework exploding in the darkness. The sound was ear piercing, much like a gunshot. Oh how I would love to get my hands on a gun and shoot up every human being gawking at these fireworks. People are idiots. Fireworks should be used for destruction not for brainless robots to gape at. I continued to fantasize while watching the sky ignite. If only I could catch this filth-ridden planet on fire much like this sky, up in flames. I want to take this little show and turn it into the extinction of the human race. Everyone should die. Everyone should burn, burn slowly so they have time to feel their useless bodies turn to ash. The smell of gunpowder would be replaced with the smell of their flesh falling off their bones. I want to taste their fear and slowly nibble on it for a long while, enjoying every bite. Now that… I could gawk at. Never before had Dylan experienced such a depth of depression. He had no happiness, no ambitions, no friends, and no love. He often turned to alcohol, pornography, and thoughts of suicide. His world was full of darkness, infinite sadness and self hatred. While being grounded and forbidden to talk to Eric, his only friend, for a few months he found himself at his darkest moments. Erik had fantasies of pointing a gun at others while Dylan had fantasies of pointing a gun at himself. Dylan didn’t really know if Erik was serious about blowing up the school, either way Dylan didn’t care, his life was doomed either way. Dylan was a very religious boy who tried to do good but God seemed intent on punishing him. Dylan was no leader. He watched quietly and followed

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