Columbian Exchange Essay

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Thesis Travelers to the New World brought diseases that Native Americans were not immune to, or did not have medicine to treat. They suffered a 90% population loss and slaves were brought from Africa to fill their labor needs. How depopulation from disease brought from the Old World affect our diversity today. One of the causes of the Native American depopulation during The Columbian Exchange was from contact with the epidemic disease brought over from the Europeans. European introduced epidemics hit Florida, the Carolinas, and Virginia between 1519 and 1750. It is estimated that we lost 80-95 percent of the Native American Population, and many regions in America lost 100%. Diseases such as Smallpox, bubonic plague, measles, and whooping cough, the Native Americans died from due to lack of medicine, and no natural immunities. The small pox reached Spain by 1522. It affected Mexico and Peru. A few years later Measles and Typhus spread thru. In 1562, Pandemic Hemorrhagic Dysentery spread. The life loss during this epidemic was tragic. In the next 50 years waves of several small diseases claimed the lives of people thru out Spain, Mexico, Peru and the Americas. This left the Spanish needing to look elsewhere for labor. They found it in Africa. Disease had killed most of the labor forces. They started using Africans. Since there had been much contact between Europe and Africa disease wasn't really at risk. Many tribes in Africa sold their countrymen into slavery for weapons and other status symbols. The slave trade migrated in total over 12 million Africans to

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