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1. A market driven approach is not appropriate for the health care industry. Market-driven health care is part of a pattern of government and corporate policy initiatives and over the last several decades has one thing in common: they strengthen corporate power over people by lowering people's expectations in life, and by reducing their economic, social, and emotional security. The values of health professionals, and a concern for other people and not self-interest should be the basis of health care. I am opposed to the tradeoff between care quality and efficiency. 2. I believe health care should be a right but unfortunately it is not it is a privilege. The new health care reform act should hopefully change it and make healthcare a right. Currently, prescription costs are out of control and individuals are forced to choose between for or medicine and that is not good .There are millions of people without health insurance and the health care reform will hopefully alleviate this situation and health care will become a right .Health care should not be regarded as a commodity. The consumers of medical goods and services do not have a real choice on whether or not to purchase the prescriptions they are being prescribed by their physicians if they want to be healthy. Since prescriptions are necessary for the well being of its user, that person has no leverage from which to negotiate a fair price. For this reason, we feel health care cannot be viewed as a commodity to be bought and sold. You should not be denied medical treatment because you cannot afford the treatment. Government should make regulations but should not have control. The most efficient system would comprise the patient and physician following government regulations. 3. The strategy to buy and close facilities in overbedded markets was initially successful. I believe it was unethical for physicians to have

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