Colored Girls Interpretation

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For Colored Girls: Realistically Telling it all When we talk about movies related to reality or the basis of our personal lives, most times we think of documentaries. But there are films that are realistically based on the lives of ordinary people, and theses realistic films are sometimes glamorous compared to fictional films. In the past few years Tyler Perry, play writer, actor, and director, has made some realistic films based on the African American community. These films have touched many lives to show the reality of situation some blacks go through on a daily basis, which over the course of his prolific career has improved, as evidenced by his latest [film], For Colored Girls, a thunderous storm of a movie (Debruge). The movie depicts different women of different color in the black community dealing with their own problems which are all based on the reality of life setting in without warning. ‘The film is based on Ntozake Shange’s electric play, the self-described choreopoem ‘For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow is Enuf’ (Debruge).” The problems that women go through in the film are pregnancy, financial instabilities, contracting HIV/AIDS from down low men sexually involved with other men, date rape, and domestic violent relationships. This film really depicts the realistic struggles of black women day to day in the 20th Century dealing with teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, insecurities with men, and domestic violence in which the sisterhood of each other’s comfort provides the unity they need to survive. Teen pregnancy is becoming more common today than in previous years. Accepting this sinful deed is not yet open in all households. Because some families struggle for so long and they see great opportunity in the youth, they push the youth to successfully strive for better lives. However, along the journey obstacles such as teen pregnancy
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