Colorblindness Essay

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Everything we know has a color, from the trees outdoors to the very clothes on our back. We are surrounded by it. Yet who would have thought that something as minor as color could mean a great deal to another. We walk down the street and see the green trees, the pink flowers, and the red car down the block. Imagine not being able to see what you were supposed to. Can’t imagine it huh? Some people have to go through that every day of their lives, not being able to see what we do. “Colorblindness is the inability to distinguish the difference between certain colors.”(Morton) Is color something that we take for granted? “There are three main kinds of color vision defects, Red-green color defects (which are the most common Ex; red and green are seen as the same color) the other major types are blue-yellow color vision defects and complete absence of color vision.”(Medline Plus) While a majority of cases are genetic, some people have accidents like Mr. I. in The Case of the Colorblind Painter. An older man just over 65 years of age who was in a car accident and lost his color vision, instead of seeing yellow, green, or orange he would now see everything in black and white. However, Mr. I. was a painter and this new eyesight would change his world forever. We live in a color oriented world so how does colorblindness affect people? “There’s no treatment but most people adjust and the condition doesn’t limit their activities.”(Medline Plus) Does being a painter mean that color vision is required? Mr. I. painted beautifully when he had his color vision, but when he lost it his work only became better. Why? Because anyone with talent and with color vision could paint the way he did, but with Mr. I.’s lost came a personal gain. His new paintings, while lacking in color of course stood out because it was different, you could now see the world through his eyes. Mr. I even
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