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The musical The Color Purple opened April 11-14, 2013 at Morgan State University Murphy Fine Arts Center in Gillian Concert Hall in Baltimore, MD. The production was directed by Shirley Basfield Dunlap. The cast included Nettie (Anne Brag), Celie (Heather Marable), Mister (Teron Proleau), Shug Avery (Shannon Ramsey Floyld), and many more. The musical takes place in rural Georgia, young Celie is pregnant by 14 with an abusive father. He happily pushes her into marriage with a cruel farmer named Mister. Mister briefly allows Celie’s best friend and sister, Nettie, to live with them. But when he finally kicks Nettie out because she wouldn’t be with him, Celie is devastated. However, Mister’s former lover, Shug, ends up helping Celie to stick up…show more content…
My favorite performers in the production were the church ladies, Shug Avery, and Sofia. The church ladies to me were the most entertaining part of the show. They gave the show life and a little laughter, they kept the audience interested. The church ladies harmonize very well it was almost like they were meant to sing together. Another performer that I enjoyed was Shug Avery, her acting and her musical talent was one of the best out of the whole show. When she song I felt like she was singing to me. I felt like I could connect with her. She made sure the audience felt every word she said and sung. And lastly, Sofia did an awesome job. Due to the fact that I saw the play on Broadway she portrayed Sofia a litter better than the professional actress I was shock and impress. Being that I had class with the actress that played Sofia, Anitra McKinney, I saw I totally different person on change than I did in class. My whole impression on her change after the…show more content…
The lighting was nice. The only time I paid any attention to it was during the African sence. The lighting during the scene gave the room a certain feel to it that is unexpressive. You can see the character’s faces very well, the lighting actually made their beauty show. The sound effects felt as if I was actually there that there weren’t come from a speaker but it was coming from something real. The actors spoke very clearly at time until they got out of breath than the words seemed to be rushed. The accompanist did a better job than the singers. They were very pitchy and you could tell that some needed more

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