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Colorblindness and our loss of heritage Like many popular literary works in American history “The Color of Water” focuses on the issue of race in America. This is nothing new since a lot of the great works of American history like “Huckleberry Finn” and “The Color Purple” took on the somewhat of a unique experience that many Americans have regarding race. One of things that is a different about ‘The Color of Water” is that the character of Ruth espouses to her children the idea that we build a society that is color blind. Even the title of the work hints at this view since water has no color, thus the color of water is clear. Even though this idea of a colorless society sounds great it is utopian and just not possible. It is a much better idea that if we are going to tackle the issue of race in this country, that we do not pretend that we can’t see differences amongst various ethnicities. The real goal should be that we recognize these differences and celebrate them. To understand why Ruth would say to advocate something like a color blind society it is important to understand who Ruth is. The character of Ruth, even though she was a real person, could be looked upon as being a symbol for the American experience. The classic American dream is one in which hard working immigrants move to the US, the land of opportunity, and make it big through hard work and determination. The American experience is different from the American Dream in that it is the realistic events and experience that people have. The idea that the streets in the US are paved with gold and that all one has to do is make it here to succeed is a fairy tale, and you can tell this just by looking at some of the things that Ruth had to deal with. Ruth’s family made it to the US but did not have what anyone would really consider the American Dream. As a child Ruth had to work at her father’s

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