Color Me Blind

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"Color Me Blind" by Shabari Clarke On February 26, 2012 the world lost Treyvon Martin. I am utterly appalled! I saw the story, I’ve read the news lines, and heard the tapes, I’ve even done my share of protest, but let me just clear one thing up... I DID NOT just protest because Zimmerman was white and Treyvon was black! What you all fail to realize, is that these protests should not be because of racial issues at all! When I protested, I did so in the name of that which is RIGHT and WRONG! For JUSTICE sake! I protested because a man was killed and nothing was done about it! I protested because the “Stand Your Ground Law” made it possible for a man to walk away from his mistake without consequence and another man isn’t even privileged to see the light of another day. You see it disgusts the very pit of me to see my time lines filled with IGNORANCE in regards to this situation. The Trayvon Martin story is much bigger than you and I. It is much darker than any shade of skin color. And my skin cringes at the very thought that half of you don’t even know what you protest for. Half of you don’t know even know why you’re mad. You wear your hoodie because everyone else is wearing his or hers! But let me tell you why I wear mine: You see I wear my hoodie to show that Trayvon Martin could have very well been me, not because I am black, but instead because I am of a generation of people who are still finding themselves, still looking for acceptance. I am from a generation of people who are still young and have yet to realize their worth to society, set in their ways and unwilling to pull their pants up or wear clothes that actually fit, and if they do fit THEY REALLY REALLY FIT! (Skinny jeans). I am from a generation that is trendy and fashionable to his or her own liking although not necessarily to the likings of those of different cultural upbringings. But we’re

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