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Color blindness Essay

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Color blindness or color vision deficit is a medical condition, where some colors cannot be differentiated, there are several kinds and levels of color blindness, since Protanomaious (who can usually pass as normal) to Monochromasy (total color absence) , Most of the time, color blindness is genetic. There is no treatment, but most people adjust and the condition doesn’t limit their activities.
When most people hear the words “color blindness” they usually think black and white old movies, witch its a big mistake and misconception because the total color absence is extremely rare.
There are three main kinds of color vision defects. Red-green color vision defects are the most common. This type occurs in men more than in women. The other major types are blue-yellow color vision defects and a complete absence of color vision.

How does it work?

Color blindness occurs when certain cells in the retina that normally respond to color do not respond as they should.
Usually, people with a color deficiency are born with it, and the problem affects more men than it does women. Color blindness is caused by a common X-linked recessive gene. This means, if you're color-blind, your mother must either be color-blind or have normal vision but carry the color-deficient gene. Color-blind fathers pass the gene to their daughters only, who will have normal color vision unless their mother also carries the color-deficient gene


A mild color deficiency is present when one or more of the three cones functions “poorly” A more sever color deficiency is present when one of the cones does not function at all or its missing.

Anomalous Trichromacy - A mild shift in the sensitivity of pigments of the cones
Protanomaly - shades of red appear weaker in depth and brightness
Deuteranomaly - shades of green appear weaker
Tritanomaly - very rare case where shades of blue appear weaker
Dichromacy - Great deficiency or missing completely one of the cones
Protanopia -...

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