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Color and Design Pallet Trend Synopsis The trend of my choice is the new 2013 Color and Design Pallet trend. Each year trends in the Public relations world are used to help practitioners find ways to find audiences, new media through which to convey messages, tons of opportunities to connect with your brand’s fans, and so on. The color and design trend reaches many avenues of social media and the worlds of fashion (apparel), cosmetics, and design (interior and exterior). What makes this a trend is the idea that these new pallets captures the signals of changing consumer attitudes toward cosmetics, fashion, and design and translates that into products and raw materials for the future. Color and design Trends provides inspiration of these new directions in colors and effects as well as expanded interpretations of the classics. Color and Design Trends also offers ideas for new ways to combine and package products to increase marketing allure. The 2013 color and design trend pallet highlights not only the key colors, textures and designs we'll be seeing next year, but offering insight about how our culture and social climate drives these trends. In this paper I plan to use the information that I learn about the trend to relate it back to the market place and how to advertise it in new media. Changing staple colors and designs in the fashion world is or can be a hard avenue to break through. The idea is to get people talking and even wearing, using, and embracing colors and designs that are not the norm. This trend has been previously done with the color of the year trend. This trend was and is still used to associate one color that everyone should have in their wardrobe for the year. This is similar to the fashion piece of the year, the make-up tip of the year, hair style of the year, and home design of the

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