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In the 1800 a lots of countries explored the world in a race who could find new lands first and settle, but as the race went on, they countries didn´t gave the aboriginals a chance, the took theme as slaves, killed them if they didn´t obey the white man´s word, but is this okay? A normal civilized man today would says that it´s not, but still the Australians celebrates Australian day as a national day, when in fact this day for nearly 100 years ago there was a massacre on the people how are the rightful owner of the country, that the white people came and “discovered”. Through an analyse of to text how has different opinion about the subject, I will try to understand this subject better. The first text called “the white man´s burden” is a poem written by the famous poet Rudyard Kipling. The poem is about the burden the white man carries, this means the white people are forced to go and educate people of another race. The way they control people is by using force. The second text is called “Why it´s time to redefine Australian Day” is a article about why it´s time to redefine Australian day, or what the aboriginal calls “invasion day” the writer Paul Daley explain why it´s time to take a look on the expression through a look back in the Australian history. A good example why the aboriginal dislike the colonizers is the attack order by Lachlan Macquarie, where all that didn´t surrendered as prisoners of war, was killed, and the males hung up on trees as an example to others. If you look at the first text “ the white man´s burden, the languages in the poem is very formally, and the words is difficult to understand in my opinion, but this is not a coincidence if you ask me, this is like I mention earlier to get the poem to seem more formally and important than it actually is. The hole poem has a very negative opinion about the black people, look for example on

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