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In the first paper, students will cite documents in Voices of the American Past and the lecture and textbook to prove their answer to the following question: Pretend that a colonist from Virginia and a colonist from New England are conversing. How would each person explain their motives for emigration, who emigrated, and life in the two respective colonies? What were the differences between the colonists who settled Virginia and those who settled New England? You must include at least one quote from Hyser and Arndt’s Voices of the American Past. The paper is to be written creatively and should be 3-5 pages in length and is due in lecture on Monday, February 4. To my best friend, I hope everything is well with you back home. I miss you and regret not taking your advice for adventuring into the New World without you. It has been five years since I have last spoken with you before I have gotten on the three ships with 105 others to come across the ocean to the New World. Sad to say only 38 out of the 105 colonists who have settled in Jamestown have managed to survive. I have many things I have to share with you about the New World I am living in. I am currently in the Virginia Colony located by the Chesapeake River. This is one of the two main colonies that have been established under England’s rule. The other colony is the New England colony located up North of here. I have managed to travel there several times with my master and have been exposed to an environment that is much different from my Virginia colony. It shocks me greatly that another colony under the same rule of our mother country can be so different. I would like to tell you about the great differences I have come to observe between our two settlements in terms of settler’s reasoning for immigrating to the new world, the development of settlement’s societal structure, and the settler’s

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