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Dante Colucci Mrs. McElroy AP US History 2 04/30/12 Colonization The colonial expansion of the Spanish and the French are very different in execution, but similar in their goals. The Spanish were the first to arrive to the Western Hemisphere. After Columbus had arrived back in Spain, many of the other countries desired to go to the New World. The Spanish were ruthless in the colonization of the Americas. The French were not as ruthless. The Spanish first landed in the Caribbean in 1492. After Columbus arrived back in Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella sent him back out to conquer this New World. This lead to the Reconquista efforts in both Spain and in the New World. Many Muslims were coming into the mainland of Spain and Ferdinand and Isabella wanted to get rid of them. This lead to the battles that would take place between the Spanish and the tribes in Mexico, specifically the Aztecs and the Yucatan. These conquests were headed by Hernan Cortes. He was a ruthless leader and would eventually rid Mexico of the Aztecs and the Mayans. Another barrier-breaking Spanish explorer was Vasco Nunez de Balboa. He was the first explorer to reach the Pacific Ocean from the New World. He crossed the Isthmus of Panama in search for gold and found the Pacific Ocean. When Columbus went back on his second exploration, he landed in Hispanola, which is the modern-day Dominican Republic and Haiti. He took the native people of the land and turned them into slave to create a massive profit for Columbus and Spain. the Spanish moved up through modern-day Central America and slowly made their way through the United States and took over the southwestern part of the United States. They would create some of the most impressive pre-colonial housing systems. Mesa Verde was one place that featured a type of cave dwellings that were created into the side of the mountain.

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