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Colonization Colonization began around the time period of Christopher Columbus discovery for land. His goal at the time was to seek for land and gold. In his process he met the Native Americans who were open and welcoming to him. However he took advantage of their niceness and wanted to take there land away from them. After being ruled off there land other Native Americans became smart about who approached their land. At that point they were aware of what Christopher Columbus wanted and was looking for. After Christopher Columbus there were other conquests that were also on the urge to find gold. Hernando Cortez was one of those men who wanted fame so he establishes niceness with the natives to help harvest the gold (Mexico). Twenty years later Francisco Pizzaro follows the foot steps of Cortez. In 1655 the Spanish established saint conquest in Florida. During the time period of colonization Europe was affected by there over population, which is also a class base society. When the religious war occurs it caused Spanish settlers to flee Santa fe. The Spanish did return in 1696, when the pueblo Indians were granted some rights. The rights they were given was to own land, freedom, and the right to practice their native culture which was limited. Europeans brought disease with them which cause destruction to the native population. For example the flu and rubella were the two most common. The population went one million Indians down to five hundred, 95% of the Mexican population disappear after contact with the Spanish. Because the population was dyeing out it cause the rest to become slaves. The English colonization incorporated a push pull factors which was the reason why people migrated. English people was willing to leave Europe because of the war, economic stability, and religious persecution which was due to Henry the 8th and

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