Colonies Of America Essay

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Dhruv Gupta Dr. Montgomery IB History SL Colonies of America The categories The difference between the successful and unsuccessful empires throughout history has been whether or not they have expanded and encroached on new lands. This was true when the Greeks first started colonizing areas outside their spheres of influence, and it was certainly true when the New World was discovered. A competition occurred throughout the many European nations to be colonizing the “New World”, and England through several trials and hardships finally emerged with 13 colonies on the eastern shore of North America. These thirteen colonies were split into three different segments: The New England colonies, the Middle colonies, and the southern colonies. Each region existed with a separate culture and motive for colonization from the other regions. New England which is now present day north eastern United States initially consisted of several different nations colonies. Many cultural influences existed due to this coalition of Colonies but by the mid 17th century England was the dominant power in the region. The unique feature of these colonies emerged due to the arrival of the pilgrims around the 1620s. The pilgrims had arrived from England in order to freely practice their religion and soon set up a system of government ideal to Calvinism. Following the later success of the Pilgrims, soon other repressed sects of Christianity began to venture out into New England, such as the Puritans, leading modern day United States to be predominantly Protestant Christian. The puritan ministers who soon came to rigourosly rule their regions with strict religious rules soon found themselves caught in a web of hypocrisy. They had escaped from Britain to freely practice their religion, however with the need for strict religious rules; they no longer allowed people to allow their
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