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COLONIALISM - A PERSONAL INQUIRY The Conquistadors came from the Imperial Spain in the early 1500’s. Spanish conquistadors brought their customs, language and belief to this region. Economic Reason: During the Spanish colonial period, the economy was based on use, of both land and of Indian work. The first Spanish colonizers organized the economic structure by which Spaniards were given label to American land and title of the villages on that land. In return for promises to change the Indians to Christianity, the Spanish were allowable to use the land and labour. This system quickly turned into something very close to entire slavery: Indians were paid especially low salaries, if anything at all to perform hard work on farms and in pits (funds). The Spanish believed that their God, gave them a duty which was to convert the Indians. The other part of the Spanish colonial economy was the use of land. Gold has always been an important thing for conquistadors and later Spanish colonizers; the gold and jewels stolen from the Aztecs were successfully shown throughout Spain to increase the interest and support for the colonization project.” ( Environmental Reason: A large percentage of the Americans, died from
"Dangerous diseases." As the population of the American Indians cut the
Spanish had to bring more and more natives and Spanish people. American Indians
became Catholic and getting married with the Spanish. Other natives moved Close
 Mountains in Mexico in order to reserve the "Indian way of life."
The popular of the American people also lost something that would
never be restored, their respect for nature.”” Social Reasons: Even before the entrance of the conquistadors, the Empires were politically divided. In the Incan Empire a public war broke out between the two brothers Atahualpa and Huascar, which kept the empire slightly

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