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Rachel Rivette Mr. Domke AP History The British government was highly involved in the American lifestyle from 1617 to the eve of the Revolution. Initially when the colonists had arrived in America, they were ready to create a better future for themselves and their descendants. Most had expected to be united together under their mother country, Britain. Americans eventually realized that the states were represented well in sync with a well known political cartoon, created by Benjamin Franklin in 1754. The cartoon is a picture, demonstrating how the region was separated. It helped make Franklin's point about the importance of colonial unity. (Doc. A) Throughout the years of 1750 to 1776 Americans began to put their speculations together. In spite of the fact that the Americans had established different cultures, they united as one against British government with the aspirations of Patrick Henry's statement; Give me liberty or give me death. Americans not only had to deal with lack of government input but also conflicts with Indians. Americans fought wars with native Indians trying to expand their territory and push the indigenous population westward. The colonists felt they were destined to expand…show more content…
This event occurred from 1754 to 1763 and left Britain in debt and in demand of more revenue from the colonies. Americans soon realized that with the defeat of the French, the colonies became less dependent on Britain for protection. The Boston Massacre occurred on March 5th, 1770 when citizens and British officers clashed. Several were wounded and five were killed. Uneasiness between American colonists and British officers had turned to belligerence. Richard Henry Lee said “The wicked violence of the Ministry is so clearly expressed, as to leave no doubt of their fatal determination to ruin both Countries unless a powerful and timely check is interposed by the Body of People”.( Doc.
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