Colonial Era Dbq Essay

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The colonial era was a golden age for New England women because women were fighting for political and religious rights and women had more economic and social power than women in England. Women in New England had more social power than women in England because husbands may beat his wife. “The husband also may give his wife moderate correction. But this power of correction is confined within reasonable bounds and it is a misdemeanor to beat the wife energetically” (Source 4). This says that the husbands were in charged. In England American widow even poor and middleclass had a good change of remarrying. “A young widow with 4 or 5 children, who among the middle or lower classes of people in Europe would have little change for a second husband is in America frequently courted as a sort of fortune” (Source 11). Women in New England had more political power then women in England. “A jury for a New York witchcraft was made up of all men” (Source 2). This shows that women in the colonies did not have a great deal of political power. Well in England women were fighting for their rights. In a letter to her husband, patriot leader John Adams, Abigail Adams asked him not to give so much power to men over their wives.” We are determined to foment a rebellion” (Source 9). In addition to having a fair amount of…show more content…
In her trial, Anne Hutchinson said. “I conceive there lies a clear rule in the bible that the elder women should instruct the younger and then I must have a time wherein I must do it” (Source 1). Women should be able to teach younger women. In a 1667 speech, Margaret Fell spoke of how “Women hath been speaking in the church: They are condemned for meddling in the things of god… the objectors misunderstood…. These scriptures, as I shall show” (Source 13). Both women were standing up for women’s rights to speak and be leaders in the

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