Colonel Doniphan's Book Two: A Broken Country

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In Book Two: A Broken Country there are relationships formed and then there are relationships full of hatred. The Indian tribes of the American West and the New Mexicans never got along. The Indian tribe, the Navajos, and the New Mexicans were the main enemies throughout the book. The Navajos would steal animals from the New Mexicans all the time; however the New Mexicans would take Navajo Indians and use them as slaves (157-158). It was said that the Navajos were better at stealing animals and the New Mexicans were better at stealing people (159). The New Mexicans and the Indian tribes of the American west went after each other for years which almost lead to war until Colonel Doniphan wrote a treaty of peace between the two groups (190-191). Like the Indians, the Americans didn’t have a strong relationship with the New Mexicans. They didn’t have one because the Americans were siding with the Indians in the almost war they had. Also, the New…show more content…
Although they did not like each other, they fought and stole from one another, it was never officially war. The main reason there was so warfare was because there was as treaty signed between them made by the Americans. Colonel Doniphan was the first speaker; he was a lawyer from America. He stated that there should peace between the Americans and the New Mexicans. On the other hand Zarcillos Largos, a Navajo speaker thought the opposite and there shall not be peace between the Navajos and the New Mexicans. Then Doniphan spoke again stating that if you kill the New Mexicans you are pretty much killing the Americans. In the end Largos agreed with the treaty. Fourteen Navajo men signed the peace treaty not really knowing what it said. Although the treaty was signed, not much changed besides there was no war (189-191). That is why there wasn’t total warfare between the New Mexicans and the
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