Colombia Unique Culture

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Outline practice 2 The culture of Colombia is unique because of his customs and the influences. I. Customs A.Folklore 1. legends 2. typical dances 3. the music B. Food 1. variety of dishes 2. some examples C. ethnic 1. what is an ethnic groups 2. mix of : a. indigenous b. spanish c. africans II. Influences A. multicultural elements 1. Gypsies 2. Germans 3. Jews B. aboriginal influences 1. language 2. music C. geography 1. provinces 2. cities 3. climate conditions . Essay practice 2. Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is an American country located in the northwestern part of South America. The culture of Colombia is unique because the conditions of his customs and the influences are one of a kind there is no other country with the same circumstances. First, the habits of Colombia are an important part of their culture.There are many legends, for example the muisca golden legend, this legend talk about a large lagoon called guatavita where the indigenous buried tons of gold there so the Spanish were looking for gold in the lagoon for generations but they never found anything, then everyone in Colombia grew up knowing about this legend. a well known myth is “ el mohan” was defined as a being of monstrous appearance, burly, with long hair covering most of his body, face looks rough and scary. defends women and frightens thieves and dishonest men. In addition the typical dances are an important part of the folklore so, colombian cumbia dancing is representative and the most important of the country, is a rich expression left by Africans. Fandango also dances like the left as the Joropo descendant, dancing well known in the eastern plains,
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