Colombia Conquest Essay

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Colombia Colombia history is full of fantastic adventures and discovery but, is also filled with discrimination and falls. From Colombia’s indigenous peoples to Spain’s conquest and to their fight for impendence and revolutions is a great story in Colombia’s history. The pre-Columbian era in Colombia were inhabited by the indigenous people the Musica. The Musica developed the political system of cacicazgos a pyramidal structure power which is similar to the Aztec culture. The Musica were very organized they farmed maize, potato, quinoa and cotton, among many others. They were very skilled in goldsmiths they mined a very high supply of emeralds, they were also good at ceramics, and knitting beautiful blankets. The Musica warriors were very strong the strongest warrior was called a gueche. To be qualified as a gueche you must be courage’s and brave you enter a wrestling tournament which the winner received a finely woven cotton blanket from the chief and was qualified as a gueche the ultimate warrior. The great Musica were conquer by the Spanish conquest in the Americas. Spanish explorers made their first exploration of the Caribbean in 1499 led by Rodrigo de Bastidas. At the time the Spanish arrived to what would today be Colombia. The Musica were in war with the neighboring tribe the Zipa and were taken advantage by the Spaniards as they would get conquered. The Spanish didn’t really have any challenge taking over; the Musica attempted to resistance the Spanish and get their territories back. The Spaniards killed all of the tribe’s sovereigns. When the Musica structure vanished Spanish colonial came in to play. The conquistadors explored and began to settle the coastal areas to supply there ships for the conquest of the Latin
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