Collision of the Cultures

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Collision of the Cultures In the stories “La Relación” by Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, “Of Plymouth Planation” by William Bradford and “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano” by Olaudah Equiano, there are colliding cultures that take place throughout the stories and long-term positive or negative consequences due to the collisions, which had an effect on their audience. In the story “La Relación”, the Native American’s culture collided with the Spaniard’s culture. Cabeza de Vaca’s ship ran aground on Galveston Island. They encounter the Native Americans who were known as the Karankawa Indians and the Spaniards were fearful of them. They thought they would be sacrificed because they heard that the Karankawa Indians killed any people who trespassed on their land. The Native Americans are sympathetic and brings them food and provides them with shelter because they saw that the Spaniards had little food, shelter and they carried over diseases. Even though the Spaniards were grateful for what the Native Americans did for them, they did not like the food that they were given or the way that the Karankawa Indians wanted to heal them from their diseases. They decided to combine their different types of food and the way that they heal, so that they could come to some type of agreement and that the process wasn’t offensive to anybody. The long-term consequences was that the Spaniards kept the food and the ways that the Native Americans healed diseases in their culture. Also, there was no more conflict between the two different cultures. One thing that affected me most profoundly was that the Native Americans were so generous to the Spaniards. It made me realize that it’s better to give then to receive because they really didn’t have to do that for them, but they did it anyways. In the story “Of Plymouth Planation”, England’s culture collided with

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