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Colligative Properties and Osmotic Pressure Lab Module 8 Essay

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Colligative Properties and Osmotic Pressure Lab
Module 8

This lab conducted I found to be quite interesting. I felt that it prepared and educated me well upon the foundation and understanding of colligative properties and osmotic pressure. Colligative properties are described as the various properties of a specific solution that rely on the overall concentration of solute molecules but not on their identities. These properties include, but are not limited to, boiling point, freezing point, vapor pressure deduction, boiling point elevation and the osmotic pressure. Osmotic pressure, one of the colligative properties previously discussed, is defined as the pressure used by the water flow through a membrane separating two solutions with different concentrations of various solutes. The purpose of this lab was to assist in the educating one upon the freezing points of a pure solvent compared to that of a solvent found within a nonvolatile solute, while at the same time understanding and gaining a greater depth of osmosis. I greatly enjoyed this lab, although I wish it could have been conducted in less time.

I took note of several components of the lab conducted. The dialysis tubing was one I especially monitored, checking every hour with recordings. After this observation, the raw egg was observed while placed within the jar, followed by the kayo syrup with the dialysis bag. With this I noted that osmosis caused the syrup in the dialysis bag to somehow seep out into the water, then allowing water too within the bag until a point of equilibrium was reached. Concerning the raw egg and vinegar, I noted that bubbles were formed leading me to believe that another compound or element from the binegar was the cause, along with the possible explanation of the egg shells disappearance. The egg also expanded in size with the vinegar, leaving me to draw conclusions that the vinegar was hypotonic, while the syrup experimentation resulted in the...

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