Collegiate Practices Essay

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Reviewing Personal Collegiate Practices Think about your current personal practices regarding note taking, study habits, and research techniques. Make a list of 15 total points covering all of these areas. Be honest. What do you currently do? Study in a quiet place. No improvements needed here. Read the study material thoroughly. I always do this. I read the material at least two times before going any further into studying. Go through underlining important words. I currently do this in all of my studies. Write down the definitions of the important words. Doing this is something that I do not do much anymore but I need to begin doing it again. Go through and write down names of important people. I currently do this. Write down names of important events. I currently do this. Write down dates of important events. I currently do this. Study the names of people. I currently do this. Read the study material again. Sometimes I do this it needs to be done more often. Write down all the study material I have studied so far on one piece of paper.I usually do this. Doing it more could help me to retain a lot more information though. Immediately rush to the nearest computer and retype the notes so that I can understand them better. Doing this more often could certainly improve my studying. For a study break I usually walk around the block where I live and think about other things rather than what I am currently studying. I currently do this. Resist distractions while studying.I do this the best I can at all times. Sometimes I’m on the road with a group of wresters heading to a show. So I sometimes use earplugs to better focus. make sure to make a study schedule.I always make a schedule and I stick to it as best I can. If I miss a study

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