College Women and Sororities Essay

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Sorority Life I chose this article because it relates to my current research on how sorority girls view themselves in heterosexual relationships. This article discusses the gender socialization of sorority women and the roles they play in relationships. It discusses the relationships between both girls and guys and what it means to be a “sorority girl”. The main purpose of this article was to thoroughly explain the way sorority women view themselves and to explain how these organizations shape these women. One new idea presented in this article is the study on how image projection is essential to sororities and how image sells the sorority to potential members due to sexual attraction from men, mostly fraternity guys. Studies were conducted at a large state university on the West coast during 1976 and 1979. The first year was devoted to approaching organizations that differed according to prestige ranking within the Greek system. The research was modified in later years to avoid problems within the chapters and focused on girls individually. Twenty-two girls were chosen at random and participated in an interview that covered family backgrounds, reasons for going Greek, female friendships, social life, and future plans. The studies provided inside access to sorority events and reoccurring contact over the next two years. The results found were that most girls tend to attract to guys in their same social class and strive for a male dominant relationship. I think one strength of this article is the fact that the researcher takes opinions from every status organization. If this article was only focused on only the prestige sororities the information provided would be biased. One weakness of the research is the fact that the study was only done at one school. Sororities differ in every college, I know this first hand, so focusing on the views of one school could

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