College Vs. Professional Essay

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Willie Franklin Professional Football vs. College Football Which is better, college football or professional football? This is very simple question that has many different answers to it. Football in general is a very popular sport that most sports fan everyone in America enjoys. To a novice football fan, the differences between the NFL and college football may be unnoticed but to a seasoned fan, small differences make the two significantly different. Professional football and college football are very similar to the naked eye but when it comes to passion, style of play, and loyalty, college football has it all. Football is football, right? Both college and professional football are very exciting sports. Football is a high octane, high impact sport that people love to watch, no matter what level of play it is. When watching the games, there are many exciting plays that keep people’s eyes glued to the television. Also, people love competition. Competition is what people like watching or even doing. Whether if its college or professional, people watch football because it is competitive. Another thing that makes these two levels of football similar is their audiences and fans. Fans are passionate about their football teams, whether if it is college or professional football. Before games some people like to tailgate in front of the stadium. This involves drinking beer, barbequing, or even having mini football game between friends. They also have parties at their houses for football games. Both college and professional football have many similarities that make them both exciting to watch, but when it comes to the differences between them, like tradition, there are miles apart. The tradition that football has is very different between professional and college. College football teams are rich in tradition and passion. The appeal of college football

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