College Survival Skills

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Assignment 3: Part 2 Online Course Readiness Part 2: Online Course Readiness (25 points) Directions: Please review the following tutorials and then complete the worksheet below by reviewing your answer choices and recording your letter answer in the third column. * Online Learning at Hudson County Community College * Hudson Online Informational Tutorial Questions | Answer Choices | Answer | 1. In which mode of learning at Hudson County Community College can students expect no in-person requirements and that activities in the course will that all occur entirely through Blackboard? (2.5 Points) | A. Online B. Hybrid C. Web-Enhanced | A | 2. A student taking a 3 Credit/7 Week Hudson Online course should expect to spend how much time per Unit completing Learning Activities? (2.5 Points) | D. 6-9 hours E. 10-13 hours F. 15-21 hours G. 20-26 hours | | 3. Hudson online courses do not require students to obtain textbooks. (2.5 Points) | A. True B. False | | 4. In a Hudson Online course, which of the following is NOT a graded Learning Activity? (2.5 Points) | A. Readings B. Assignments C. Discussion Questions D. Content Assessment Quiz | C | 5. In an online course 500 out of 1000 points in a Hudson Online course comes from Assignments? (2.5 Points) | A. True B. False | | 6. Your response to the first Discussion Question in any Hudson Online course is due by the second day of the Unit. (2.5 Points) | A. True B. False | | 7. Which of the following is NOT a policy regarding graded Discussion Questions and Frequency in a Hudson Online course? (2.5 Points) | A. Students are required to post a minimum of three separate times in each graded Discussion Question. B. The initial response to a graded Discussion Question counts as one of the three required. C. Students are required to

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