College Students Should Be Allowed Concealed Carry

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College Students Should be Allowed Concealed Carry Though typically safe College campuses see the same sorts of violent crime as is found everywhere else in our society, rapes, assaults and murders happen all over the country without regard to the school setting. According to Peter Katel “Bureau of Justice Statistics for 1995–2002 show that college students ages 18 through 24 suffered 61 violent crimes per 1,000 individuals, compared with 75 violent crimes for non-students. Rapes and other sexual assaults occurred at a rate of 3.8 per 1,000 individuals for students, compared with 4.1 for non-students.” (2011) While this does indicate that colleges are somewhat safer than the general public it illustrates that they are far from immune to the crimes of society. Further, while any crime committed on a college campus has the potential to strike fear into those around it nothing has as dramatic an impact as a shooting. Due to several recent high profile shootings on college campuses it has become clear that these gun-free zones are only serving to disarm those who are lawful with no ill intent while allowing those who would cause harm free reign to do as they will. Licensed adults, both students and visitors, who have been safely and lawfully carrying their weapons everywhere else in public should be allowed to carry them for their personal protection on campus as well. While each state is still responsible for licensing their citizens those permits should be as valid on college campuses as they are everywhere else. This would allow for those who choose to get licensed to be better able to provide for their own protection in the open and public setting of a college campus, which offers none of the protections that many other concealed carry restricted areas have such as metal detectors, x-ray machines and strictly controlled points of entry. This change would not

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