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College Students As Role Models Essay

  • Submitted by: baileycorcoran
  • on November 18, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Role Models
If you could for a second, think back to one time that someone made an impact on your life.   Recall how this person changed your character, molded your personality, or influenced your decisions on what you became interested and involved in.   These people are the role models that you may or may not have known would have made a difference in your life today.   Whether you encountered them as a small child, throughout high school, or even after you graduated college and started your own family, they opened paths in your life that you may have never noticed have being there before. Now, as you reflected upon the wonderful memories of the different role models throughout your life, a fellow college student probably wasn't your first thought.   College students are often overlooked as not being proper role models for people in society.   Therefore, more college students should become role models to help shape the world into a more secure, friendly, and inspiring place, through all walks of life.
First of all, we all know that role models are necessary components in society.   We know they are people who we admire because of their multiple positive personality traits that we wish to see in ourselves.   The people who we may not necessarily know ourselves, but we look up to and ultimately grow as a person based on their positive influence on us.   These people are typically thought of as adults older than ourselves.   So let's be honest, sometimes, young adults at the college level usually have it in their mind that this is their time to balance recklessness and responsibility in their own ways, and that people in the community are not much of a concern anymore.   We need to make the transition from self-focused to being a main role model in our society, because the time where "oh someone else will take care of it" is over.   Often it is easier to set standards and goals when you can compare yourself to a positive role model who shares the same patterns and...

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