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The ‘Family Stress Model was created by Conger and colleagues ,the model suggests that poverty is one of the more important factors that can put severe strains on spousal relationships, bring about feelings of depression and increase family dysfunction. The research describes the family stress model as a system in which affects children and adolescents developmental outcomes indirectly through a series of mediating family processes. (Benner &Kim, 2010) According to the Family Stress Model family contributes to emotional distress i.e. depression and family dysfunction. Family distress causes problems in the relationship between adults and children which also results in less effective parenting. The model suggest that those families have a lack of control over the child’s behavior, lack of warmth and support, inconsistency, and displays of aggression or hostility by parents or older siblings. (Benner &Kim, 2010) The family stress model addresses economic shortcomings as profound issue in many cultures especially within the African American sector. Ultimately external factors which occur in the adult life impact emotional stability of the parent and their parental practices amongst their children. (Benner &Kim, 2010) Distressed parents are notably more compulsive and aggressive toward their children, which greatly impact a child’s willingness to be deviant during the duration of their adolescents. (Benner &Kim, 2010) The model was able to generalize the interaction of families from an array of cultures including that of the African American culture. According to Benner and Kim research (2010)”The results reported in the current study support this revised notion, insomuch as we observed that ‘‘strict’’ mothering and ‘‘kind’’ fathering influenced developmental outcomes.”(p.8). This notion may vary in the African American family due to the large majority of

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