College Student'S Challenges Essay

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What we should know about international students Becoming college students is a watershed in everyone’s life since they will be more mature, experienced and closer to the doors opening to the world of works after about two up to five years trained by the expertise professors. Saying goodbye to high schools and involving in the larger community of learning at colleges create a great number of chance for students to improve themselves, especially for international students who not only quit senior schools but also go far away from their families and friends in order to prepare for their careers in the best ways. Therefore, a new comer, when living in a different and unfamiliar place, may step on a lot of trouble; yet, the most common and biggest challenges that international students have to deal with during their higher education in American colleges include language barrier, financial matter and culture shock. The biggest challenge that every international student has to deal with when attending American’s colleges or universities is the language barrier. Most of foreign students come from the countries where their native languages are different from English such as Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and so on. Therefore, they might have some definite difficulties in understanding and using English. Stress and phrasal verbs, for example, have been causing a lot of trouble for foreign students. When stressing on the first syllable, “present” is a noun, meaning “gift”. However, it becomes a verb when people stress on the second syllable, meaning “demonstrate” or “ introduce”. Not many international students at the first time listening to the taps or outside conversations can figure out what the meaning of “call off “ is. If they believe that “call off “ means to end a phone’s call, they have misunderstood since people emphasize that something
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