College Student Stress Essay

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The research done in High Expectations For Higher Education: Perceptions of College and Experiances of Stress Prior to and through the College Career held many limitations, but all limitations could be used later to further the research. The Number participating in the expiriment dwindled from the freshman to senior years, yet the numbers were already limited as it was performed on only a minimul percentage of one small college (Kreig, 2013, pg. 3). Therefore, as the number of participants was lowered the data gathered became even more limited than it already had been. To prevent this problem in further research the data should include students from multiple colleges of assorted sizes. This will allow for data to be collected on whether or not the size of a college is an outlying factor in the amount of stress a student experiances as a whole. It could also add insight as to what size colleges are found more difficult for students to adjust to. Another possible branch not included in the origianal research could be the differences in adjusting to a college in a metropolitan area versus a college that is located in a more rural area, but in order to properly understand the data collected from that area of research it must also be asked what type of area the students origionally came from. This can be taken further to divide the submissions by students from rural areas and students from metropolitan areas. This could show a possible difference in the way students from different backgrounds adjust differently to the college enviroment. Kreig (2013, pg. 8) simply gave the data relating to the students amount of stress as a whole. In further research the survey should include a section for the students to rate the amount of stress different stressors of attending college have on the students on a scale. This will then pin-point which stressor are the most prominent
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