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Dear Future College Student, Congratulations on making the decision to go to college. My name is Penny McMullen and I am a single mother of three girls. My major is nursing. I’m writing because I want to tell you a few things I wish I’d known when I was in your position. These are things I learned, regrettably late, that make me wish I could redo things. Hopefully, you can learn from my mistake. I am worried about the economy right now as most people are. If things do not change I am afraid a lot of people will not be able to afford college. There is news that college tuition is going up yet they want to take away financial aid! I hope that something comes through because to me just like high school everyone can gain a lot by going to college. I mean who doesn’t want to better themselves. It might not seem like it, but the choices you make now affect the rest of your life. We’ll all be working for a long time; having a job you love is essential to happiness. Think about it, people spend more time at work than anywhere else. Do you want to spend your life bored and indifferent, counting the minutes until the end of the day? Right now is the best time to find your passion. You have the free time and resources at your disposal. Waiting too long to find mine was a huge mistake. I chose an easy employable major. I thought I’d be happy

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