College Sports Essay

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Current Ethical issue in Business Paper College sports have become a very lucrative and competitive business in particular, college football. The business of college sports influences many things such as recruiting athletes, alumni donations, and student enrollment. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) governs collegiate sports programs, and they must adhere to a certain code of rules such as adhering to proper recruiting standards, and avoiding improper benefits for student athletes. Pennsylvania State University has been caught in a scandal that not only violates the NCAA and Penn State’s rules but also laws. Former Defensive Coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, has been accused and arrested on 40 counts of sexually molesting eight boys. His behavior is unacceptable and unethical on many terms. We will discuss the basis of this issue; as well propose a plan that will prevent this from occurring again. The main issue behind this scandal has been the misconduct of a well-respected coach at a very prestigious university with a class football program. Issues have arisen with how this situation has been handled because several high-ranking school officials including Athletic Director Tim Curley and head football coach Joe Paterno knew of the situation but failed to report this incident to the proper authorities. The basis of the issue is that Jerry Sandusky took advantage of these children as well as the university. He founded a university charity known as Second Mile that helped children with absent families and used it as a cover up for his personal and unethical benefits. The school officials, once they were aware of the situation, are also responsible for this ongoing issue and only looked to protect themselves instead of looking to help the victims of Sandusky’s inappropriate behavior. Some ground rules of this situation is that people,
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