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It was a cold morning in March during the spring break of my junior year that would mold me and teach me more about who I am than my entire high school career. I learned more about team camaraderie, loyalty, friendship and family than any lecture or class could ever cover. We left the parking lot of our high school in mini-vans en route to participate in a baseball tournament in Tucson, Arizona. We would be competing against teams from across the country, playing a game per day for the next week. The road trip was long and tiring. I tried to get in as much sleep as I could, knowing that we were playing our first tournament game at 7:00 PM that same evening. Unfortunately, the excitement of traveling without our parents sparked feelings of independence for all of us and sleep was hard to come by. When we arrived at our hotel in Tucson, most of us went to our rooms to take a nap before heading out to the ball field to play the first game. The fields were really well maintained and the smell of the recently cut grass was still fresh in the air. We had use of the complete facility, including covered batting cages that allowed our team to take batting practice prior to each game to get us warmed up. It felt great to be there; I felt great to be a part of this experience. The first game was amazing! Our team came out to play, determined to prove our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. We won our opening game and we were off! It was a great way to start the week! Following that first game, our coaches took us to In-N-Out to celebrate; I believe it’s probably the only one in Tucson, a city that’s mostly desert, cactus, and not much else. When we got back to the hotel, one of my roommates wanted to play NBA Street on his Game Cube. I hadn’t really gotten to know my roommates all that well. Although I’ve known both of them for the past three years, they

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