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ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, HUMANITIES, & BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES READING, ELEMENTARY, EARLY CHILDHOOD, & SPECIAL EDUCATION COURSE SYLLABUS FALL 2013 COURSE TITLE: College Reading COURSE NO.: EDU 150 CREDIT: Three (3) semester hours INSTRUCTOR: Dr. D. Belton OFFICE: 208 Carver Complex North MAIN OFFICE #: (256) 372-5524 OFFICE HOURS |Dr. David Belton | | | |MW 5:00 – 6:00 pm | | | COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to provide both individualized and group reading instruction to improve advanced reading, thinking, listening and study skills which are essential to success at the college level. Students who score between 45 and 77 on the COMPASS Reading Subtest are required to enroll in this level of the course. This is a one semester course. RATIONALE: It is the aim of the Reading Course to develop experiences and activities through which each student will improve his/her reading skills to the maximum of his or her individual capacity and potential. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK: The conceptual framework for this course, (1) identifies and translates desired competencies into precise behavioral objectives, (2) utilizes planning, preparing, performing and assessing proficiencies with regard to desired competencies, (3) recognizes academic, cultural, social, and other differences among the students enrolled in the Developmental Reading Courses, and (4) utilizes technology in the development of proficiency in reading. 1. COURSE OBJECTIVES

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