College Pressures Essay

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“It feels good to be under pressure, they help me to motivate me as well as improve my academic results.” “I remembered I was under pressure until I couldn’t even make any decisions!” “I was thinking of committing suicide when I was a freshman, I talked to a counsellor and thank god he helped me to eliminate that childish thinking of mine.” Everyone is under some kind of pressures. College students, of course, are going through some difficulties or obstacles which result to positive and negative outcomes (pressures). “College students, especially freshmen, are a group particularly prone to stress (D’Zurilla & Sheedy, 841-846) due to the transitional nature of college life (Towbes & Cohen, 199-217).” (qtd. in Ross, 1). Among the pressures face by college students, the major pressures that college students face are economic pressure, peer pressure, self-induced pressure and environmental pressure. Economic pressure is the most common pressure faced by college students nowadays. “Tuition, room, and board at most private colleges now comes to at least $7,000, not counting books and fees.” (Zinsser, 494) Students from rich families need not to worry much, but the others who can’t even afford a delightful meal need to work part time to fulfil their dreams of having a stable job after getting a diploma. “Today it is not unusual for a student, even if he works part time at college and full time during summer, to accrue $5,000 in loans after four years – loans that he must start to repay within one year after graduation.” (Zinsser, 494) For this reason, college students often put too much pressure on themselves to study hard on the objective of obtaining higher CGPAs to get scholarships. It is no doubt that “Money, money, money!!!” often appears in the minds of college students and produces pressures which interfere decision makings. Peer pressure and self-induced

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