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Ivy or Selective College Planning Preparation and Checklist (For USAFA, visit their website for the complete year-by-year high school preparation) NOTE: keep in mind that even by meeting all the college's eligibility requirements, most students applying will NOT be admitted to Ivy/Selective Programs due to number of qualified applicants. Admissions officers build their freshman class to fit the particular needs of their programs. For example, Harvard may need a clarinet player in band this year, and you play the violin, so weren't admitted. Diversity of an international student body is a strong factor. Overall, what you have to offer them, by demonstrating what you've already done, is very important to see if it’s a good match. Many D38 high school alumni are currently attending selective college programs and doing well. Also, please remember: all state and private colleges have Honors and Leadership programs giving students a very similar experience to what they seek at an "Ivy:" small professor: student ratios with top notch learning experiences and career opportunities starting as a college freshman. Consider applying to these programs at the college of your choice. Recommended Readings: The Best Book on Ivy League Admissions by Ivy League students (a must!) Admissions Confidential by R. Toor 50 Successful Harvard Application Essays by Staff of Harvard Crimson Typical components of the application process that are critically assessed as standard requirements: Reference this checklist but please remember to pace yourself and enjoy your high school experience Academics: * GPA and class rank (top 1-5% of class) * Advanced coursework in core subjects and field of interest * Independent research/studies demonstrating self-directed learning in area/s of passion * Required coursework particular to the college

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