College Pay Off Research Paper

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College Pays Off Time and time again Americans have tried to prove a college degree is not necessary in life for one to have financial stability, ease of job opportunities and to gain knowledge. There have been many statistical studies performed to prove if a person attends college, he or she will open the door for a variety of opportunities in life. Generally, an individual with a degree will most likely be paid a higher salary as a result of the large wealth of knowledge learned and for possessing the diploma. A college degree most often offers financial success, greater knowledge and more job opportunities, and provides self-satisfaction, comfort, and fulfillment. It is a fact that a person who completes college will get a better job and a higher salary. A person most often will lead to a better and less stressful life, if their financial status is less of a problem. An individual who does not complete college will most often end up in…show more content…
Through the college experience, an individual strengthens his or her mind, creates better thinking skills and improves his or her work habits preparing him or her for the real work world. The diploma symbolizes self-discipline, the ability to set and the achieve goals and determination to gain knowledge and be satisfied. Some say that only poor men are those who lack knowledge. In conclusion, individuals who earn a college degree are more likely to have financial success, greater knowledge, and job opportunities and ptorovide self-satisfaction, comfort and fulfillment. Obtaining a college diploma totally transforms an individual and prepares him or her for the real work world. Hopefully, teaching the future generations the same standards will help them to strive for the same goals and offer them the opportunity to become successful and improve their knowledge and
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