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Simon Maxwell Eason Professor Wert EN52A-12 September 28, 2011 College Life College life can be stressful and frantic, but it can also be a fun exciting way to gradually become an adult, and explore your interests. To properly enjoy college students must become an active member in the college community. Students can do this by attending classes, joining or starting clubs, and attending the events that colleges throw. The first step to becoming integrated into the college community would be attending class. Students are at college mainly to learn, and that is what they pay for. While in class students will have plenty of opportunities to get to know their professors, meet other students, that might have the same interests, and this will be the beginning of student’s college education. Showing up to all of these things, students will start to build somewhat of a reputation with people all over the campus. Students will begin to fall into a routine, a daily regimen, becoming a part of college life. The Second step to becoming a part of college life would be, to join a club of interest, or even start one’s own interesting club. This will attract more people who have the same interests as each other, allowing students to network. Also being a part of a club will get students outside of their dorm much more and into college life across campus. Being a part of a club will give students more responsibilities, this will force them to prioritize which is necessary to succeed and become integrated into college life. The third and final step to become easily integrated into college life would be, attending college events. Becoming a part of the college life means supporting the college. Attending these events gives colleges a good turnout, increasing their publicity, so students would be helping the college as well as becoming an active member of the college. It is

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