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Qehaja,Vjollca Prof:E.Melamed Course : English 002 10/21/2011 #14 Summary Title: Report finds fault with college labs over poor safety record. In” Report finds fault with college labs over poor safety record,” writer Dan Vergano highlights the problem that students are facing with unsafely labs. As he explains, many accidents happen because of explosions, detonations or chemical fire, as a result causing students seriously injuries and sometimes even death. Since college students need a “safety culture”, those accidents function as a “cautionary tale “for university’s academic community. Vergano points out that responsible for those accidents are community, because they made fun on friends, who used lab costumes. Also the universities are guilty for incidents, because they didn’t make as much examination for all safety accidents as now. Furthermore, as the writer claims, fault for those accidents has Department of Homeland Security. They distribute the project devices to universities “with no –safety related requirement”. State feels displeasure for those accidents, and rebook everyone to prevent those accidents that are present everywhere. Since students attend colleges to learn and to educate, colleges should guarantee a safety environment, especially their labs. Instructors and professors should understand that classes size have a significant role for a safety work. If the number of student increases in such places, the number of accidents increases too. Colleges should limit the number of students in classrooms and laboratories on average about 23

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